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Janampatri or Kundli Milan is same terms. Pt. Jinder Swami Shastri not only helps peoples in janampatri Milan but also offers their solution if he found any solution available. Also suggest Puja and other vidhis for compatibility match.

Janampatri Milan: Before marriage majority of the Hindu families always gives prior consideration to consult a best astrologer for matching of the Jana Patri Milan of the boy and the Girl. Our Indian Vedic system of Astrology has in it an age old established Horoscope Matching or Kundli matching system in which the placement of planet moon in both horoscopes is taken into considerations and points are given for a variety of narratives. Love Spell Jinder Swami is providing for you a free convenience to match the Janampatri Milan of boy and a girl for the reason of marriage with the help of traditional technique of Janampatri Milan.

Kundli milan online: Kundali is all about Graphical demonstration of nine planets at the time of your birth in a precise method and is developed by our ancient sages. Kundali Milan online provides an thoroughly analysis concerning your nature, distinctiveness as well personality, strengths and weak points, the positive and unfavorable features. Kundali Milan online system adopted for match making by most of the worldwide astrologers is the traditional system of Guna Milaan for Match Making during the time of marriages. In this the time of marriages system the biological situation of the Moon is seen in both the Horoscopes and then points known as Gunas are allocated on the basis of matching of the further explanations.

Prior of tying the knots in marriage relationships majority of the Hindu families always consult an astrologer for matching of the Janampatri Milan of the boy as well as the Girl. The Vedic understanding of Astrology has in it an age old traditional Janampatri Milan system in which the actual position of planet moon in both horoscopes is taken into considerations and spoints are given for different descriptions. Registered & Protected 

In marriage issues, mostly all the Indians completely depends on the age old system of Janampatri Milan a lot. Those people who never go to an astrologer in their whole life may once in a life time go to an astrologer for Janampatri Milan. It is so deep in the mind of the people and genes that people just do not go for a marriage alliance without getting a Janampatri Milan done. Even in love marriages that are approved by parents, people get the Janampatri Milan done.

Below mentioned are the prime factors that are considered during the process of horoscope matching: Varna, Vasya, Tara, Yoni, Grah Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot and Nadi.

Wedding is a gorgeous bond tied with the blissful permissions of the Almighty and your forefathers. It is one of the most significant conclusions in life when one attains the adult age. Marriage is where you begin a complete new life, new responsibilities. You forever consideration of having a person who cared for you, shares your clandestine, the person you can incline on. Well these are the similar things which absolutely come to your mind when you set up looking for marriage suggestions. You will have never-ending queries in your intelligence, will the individual be concerned. Will he or she be able to maintain a happy surroundings and much more? For this you or your parents are apt to go to the astrologer and ask for the match making from the proposal you preferred. The tip well-known as Gunas of the someone matches with your horoscope, you tend to choose that suggestion and start with the subsequently step known as preparations for marital celebrations.

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Indian Astrology comes with an outstanding and confirmed advance to Janampatri Milan as per to the birth stars,that is known as Ashtakoot Milan or just Guna Milap. This Janampatri Milan technique allocates points for factors that manipulate a married life and the accomplishment velocity for the opportunity of the wedding ceremony to be stable. Although this procedure isn't limited to marriage merely and can be used as compatibility psychoanalysis connecting boy and girl with insignificant adjustment, it is more often than not used for marriage compatibility analysis.


Janampatri Milan is in authenticity merely one of its kind and very mature 8-fold Indian test of horoscope matching from a girl and boy’s charts for marriage. The Natal Chart from the boy and as well the woman are matched and reasonably scrutinized for compatibility in eight a diversity of manners. Each and every investigation encompasses a score. As the highest points that may be attained under every test will be dissimilar, the complete 8-fold test consent a most constructive score of 36 points which if possible umpires how well-matched the two of you are by observing the zodiac signs and astrological forecast A score of 16 is regarded as to be the minimum for any reasonable match. Partnerships aren't suitable for any outcome beneath 18 points. An extra enormously very important facade of Marriage Compatibility is Manglik Match (Mars). This is obligatory for matrimonial compatibility in Janampatri Milan and wellness of both spouses.

Janampatri Milan is essential if you desire for to equivalent a couple’s birth charts that are based on Indian astrology. You can attain a free of cost Janampatri Milan making account with psychoanalysis by using our online horoscope matching calculator. Indian Astrology has an exceptional and ascertained modus operandi of Janampatri Milan based on Lunar gatherings, which is called Ashtakoot milan or merely guna milap. This Janampatri Milan way apportions points for characteristics that manipulate marriage, more the points, and more chances of accomplishment of the marriage. With the facilitate of this technique is not confined to marriage simply and can be used for compatibility analysis among boy and girl with slight adjustment.

If any of you are making a plan to get married and have a suggestion with you but not in no doubt whether this will be the correct person for you. Get your Janampatri Milan with the tender of your alternative for gratis.

All you need to do is to just put in your and the proposal aspects here and acquire your Janampatri milan Chart (Match Making Chart) free at your provided email.